Sunday, February 19

Wk8 Reading (Phase 4)

I'm sorry, but I am getting really tired of the infinite rehashing of the system creation cycle. I get that there has been a two-decade precedent of poor planning and endless prototyping, but for god sake this new model has been talked to death!!!

This article lays out the production phase as: "Prepping, Building and Testing" ...good.

The days of $20,000 Web sites should be long over! Give $5,000 to the marketing heads, $5,000 to the project manager, and $5000 to the coders. If you actually listen to the client ahead of time, figure out your targets, plan for your feasibility, and describe your end goals then $15,000 is WAY more than necessary.

However, I did appreciate that the article assumed that nearly everything will go wrong... since this is the prevailing wisdom in tech production. BUT it drives me nuts that among this they assume that content will not be ready. I realize the CEO idiots still want a Web site when there isn't a reason yet, but for god's sake at least finish your branding (if not the content) before you put your face out there.

Now after all of my frustrated fervor I do want to say that the article was a decent check list for the aggravating process of producing a Web site.

Tuesday, February 14

java magic: font thing

Probably one of the coolest java applets I've ever seen.

It lets you evolve a potential alien font.

Here you go. Sorry I didn't put it up last week.